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Python sftp client

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Welcome to Python SFTP client.

Python SFTP Client enables operate SFTP remote server. manipulate files over sftp server. copy files from remote to local path. get remote file information. manage remote files. Create directory to remote machine, Remove directory to remote machine, file listings & permission:

Installation instruction using source code

$ git clone
$ python install

Installation instruction using python pip

$ pip install python_sftp_client

quick start guideline

import sftp
c = sftp.Connection(host = hostname,port = port, username = username, password = password)
c.chdir(self, path)
c.get(remotepath, localpath = None)
c.put(localpath, remotepath = None)
c.get_file_created_data(remotepath), mode='r', bufsize=-1)
c.rename(oldpath, newpath)
c.mkdir(path, mode=0777)
c.chmod(path, mode)

Authors and Contributors

Yogesh Dwivedi (@cis-yogesh),sapna (@cis-sapna).

Support or Contact

Having trouble with issue ? contact and we’ll help you sort it out.